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Barracuda’s Patented Extended Cockpit Design

Soon to revolutionize the Boasting Industry, Barracuda is proud to introduce its patented Extended Cockpit Transom Design for 2024.  The extended cockpit design, which has been incorporated into a well-known offering in the luxury Center Console Market, was actually designed and developed by Barracuda Boats to add unparalleled comfort, cockpit utility, performance, and innovation.

The Extended Cockpit Patented Design is innovative in capturing the lost space at the back of every boat.  When you trim your engine on the back of your boat, the lower unit extends past the transom about 5 feet.  This 5 feet is included in the overall length of the boat, whether you are parking it in a high and dry, or in a garage.  The extended cockpit splits a single engine and divides the horsepower.  This means that instead of a single 300, two 150s can be mounted to the outboard corners.  This division of horsepower adds benefits such as dual engine redundancy, but most importantly, it gives huge benefits in dual engine maneuvering and allows the option of a joystick for ultimate control.

The extended cockpit goes to the maximum rigged length of the boat between the trimmed engines, so the overall length of the boat does not increase at all.

The creates the most important benefit of the Extended Cockpit Design.  Since the engines are to the sides, both the splashwell and the aft transom box, either used for storage, seating, or utility, are removed.  This gives the boat an average of 5 feet extra cockpit space, BEFORE the extended cockpit is added.  When the bustle extends between the engines, a total of 8 to 9 feet of usable cockpit space is added to the boat, WITH NO ADDITIONAL LENGTH OVERALL.  This gives a 24 Barracuda the same usable cockpit length as a 31 foot boat manufactured without this technology.

Other benefits are numerous:

The Keel is the deepest part of the boat now, so the draft with engines up is the same as the draft with the engines down.  This opens up shallow water opportunities, as the boat can safely plain OUT of the shallows, instead of just putting into the shallows.
The boat can be backed into the sandbars, with egress/ingress through the transom door.  This allows occupants to access beaches and shorelines without full immersion into the water.  You can spontaneously explore that spoil island while only getting wet knee deep.
The aft access of the design makes the vessels excellent for utilizing as tenders, or for use in European Markets.  The ability to safely board an Outboard Powered Vessel from the rear is a disruptively innovative concept.
The performance of the widely spaced engines also offers a distinct performance advantage.  Most boats trim by utilizing tabs.  These push down at the stern to drop the bow of the boat on the side of the captain’s choice.  However, in following seas, captains can only choose to bury the bow into the waves to properly trim the vessel.  The wide spacing of the engines allows the captain to trim the bow UP in following seas to keep the ride dry and smooth.  It also allows the vessel to be trimmed with thrust vectoring, rather than adding drag at the stern.

Barracuda will be offering Several Innovative Models with this Patented Cockpit Design for 2024.

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